What Does The Phrase High Maintenance Mean?

Is being high maintenance a good thing?

Being high maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean you have expensive taste or a demanding personality.

What you do want is to have your needs and desires fulfilled.

You have high expectations of the men in your life, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing..

What is a high maintenance guy?

Another type of high-maintenance man shows his fussiness in the way he requires an extremely high level of neatness, organization, or cleanliness. Men with this behavior may be fixated on things that feel petty to you but life-or-death to them.

What is a low maintenance girl?

Low-maintenance girls are drama free, don’t crave attention and don’t expect to be put on a pedestal. She doesn’t need all eyes on her, just yours.

What is a high maintenance friend?

These are the friends who call several times a day, even though you’ve explained that you can’t talk at work or don’t want to interrupt family dinner. …

How can you tell if someone is high maintenance?

17 Signs You’re a “High-Maintenance” PartnerYou’re extremely inflexible with your schedule. … You’re never satisfied. … You get upset when texts go unanswered for 10 minutes. … You ask your partner for help and then criticize them when the task is done “incorrectly.” … You complain constantly. … You can’t handle when date night doesn’t go exactly as planned.More items…•

What is considered a high maintenance woman?

The phrase “high maintenance woman” casually refers to a woman who places exceptionally high standards on herself and her dating partner. She spends an excessive amount of time on herself. … There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.

Is high maintenance an insult?

The term “high maintenance” is basically an adult version of “princess.” Neither is funny or cute. They’re derogatory terms that are specifically designed to shame women.

When guys say your high maintenance?

And I’m 100% OK with that. If a guy says you’re high maintenance it means they think you are not worth the effort they would be required to put in.

What is emotionally high maintenance?

Well, ‘high maintenance’ is actually a code, referring to emotional demands. A high maintenance woman is considered to be emotionally needy, rather than financially or physically demanding. By definition, a woman cannot be ‘high maintenance’ on her own. She becomes ‘high maintenance’ in the context of a relationship.

What does low maintenance mean?

also low maintenance. adjective. If you describe something or someone as low-maintenance, you mean that they require very little time, money, or effort to look after them.

What is the opposite of high maintenance?

What is the opposite of high-maintenance?low-maintenanceeasy to care foreasy-carestraightforwarduntroublesomeundemandingtrouble-freeuncomplicatedsimple

What is another word for high maintenance?

What is another word for high-maintenance?demandingperfectionisttryinguncompromisingclamorouscriticaldictatorialdisapprovingfussyimportunate237 more rows