Quick Answer: Which Country Owns Google?

Who is the real owner of Google?

Sergey BrinSergey Brin is the co-founder of Google and a board member of Alphabet.

He served as president of Alphabet until December, 2019.

Born in Russia, Sergey Brin and his family emigrated to the United States in 1979 when he was six.

6 While completing his doctorate in computer science at Stanford, he met Larry Page..

What country is Google from?

Menlo Park, California, United StatesGoogle/Place founded

What is Google CEO salary?

The actual value of the grants will vary depending on the stock price at the time. As Google CEO, Pichai made $650,000 in annual base pay, and previously shirked additional shares of the company, according to a May report from Bloomberg.

Is Google owned by China?

Google ChinaType of siteSearch engineParentGoogleURLwww.google.cnAlexa rank29 (China, March 2019)Current statusLimited access; redirects to Google Hong Kong4 more rows

Is Google owned?

Google discreetly acquired Android for $50 million and today, the operating system dominates the global smartphone market. Android controls over 85% of the smartphone market, leaving its iPhone competitor with a (not so impressive) 11% market share.