Quick Answer: What’S The Definition Of Basic?

What is the meaning of the word basic?


of, relating to, or forming a base; fundamental: a basic principle; the basic ingredient.

pertaining to, of the nature of, or containing a base.

not having all of the hydroxyls of the base replaced by the acid group, or having the metal or its equivalent united partly to the acid group and partly to oxygen..

What makes a girl Basic?

If you’re not familiar with the term basic bitch (or simply “basic”) it can be defined as this: a slang term used to pejoratively describe someone (usually a woman) who is perceived to predominantly like mainstream products, trends or music while at the same time fearing and disliking diversity.

What’s another word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.

What is the importance of the word basic?

You can use basic to emphasize that you are referring to what you consider to be the most important aspect of a situation, and that you are not concerned with less important details.

Whats a Karen mean?

Karen is a pejorative term for someone perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others.

Which means the same as basic?

SEE DEFINITION OF basic. adj.elementary, fundamental.

What are basic necessities?

A traditional list of immediate “basic needs” is food (including water), shelter and clothing. … Many modern lists emphasize the minimum level of consumption of ‘basic needs’ of not just food, water, clothing and shelter, but also sanitation, education, and healthcare.

What does basic white girl mean?

It describes a “basic woman” as someone who, basically, consorts inappropriately with a non-single man.

Is alkaline another word for basic?

An alkali also can be defined as a base that dissolves in water. … The adjective alkaline is commonly, and alkalescent less often, used in English as a synonym for basic, especially for bases soluble in water.

What is another word for fundamental?

SYNONYMS FOR fundamental 1 indispensable, primary.

What is another name for basic?

In this page you can discover 86 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for basic, like: central, elementary, primary, fundamental, elemental, necessary, key, secondary, element, be and simple.

What is a basic person?

“Basic bitch” or simply “basic”, also known as “airhead”, is a slang term in American popular culture used pejoratively to describe women who are perceived to prefer mainstream products, trends, and/or music. “Airhead” dates back to the late 1980s as a derogatory term for a stupid or unaware person, usually female.

What are they called basic?

BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) BASIC stands for “Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.” Originally designed as an interactive mainframe timesharing language by John Kemeney and Thomas Kurtz in 1963, it became widely used on personal computers everywhere.

Does basic mean simple?

Meaning of basic in English. simple and not complicated, so able to provide the base or starting point from which something can develop: … He only has a basic command of English (= he only knows the most important and simple words and expressions).

What is basic urban dictionary?

Urban Dictionary defines basic as “someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.” Leonora Epstein, coauthor of X vs. … If someone of her level of success is considered basic, then we should all get on board.