Quick Answer: What Is Subscribe In Salesforce?

How do I schedule a report in tableau?

In Tableau, you can easily subscribe to reports that you need on a recurring basis….Creating subscription schedulesLog into tableau server using a system admin account.From the Admin tab, click schedules=>new.Then ‘create new schedule’ page appears..

How many reports can I subscribe to in Salesforce?

5 reportsCurrently, Users can subscribe to a maximum of 5 reports or dashboards and be notified whenever set conditions are met. This maximum limit is currently hard-coded and cannot be increased. Note: The limit of 5 subscribed reports is independent for Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

How do you schedule a lightning report?

On the Reports tab, click a report name.Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu. … On the Schedule Report page, specify a running user who has access to the folder where the report is stored. … Select an email setting. … Set the frequency, duration, and time for running the report:More items…

How do I see who is subscribed to a Salesforce report?

If you are in Salesforce Lightning, again, click on the reports tab and then, on the left side, go to ‘All Reports’. On the top will be a tab labelled ‘Subscribed’. Easy as that. Happy reporting!

How do I send a report as an attachment in Salesforce?

From the Reports tab or from the report run page, click. | Subscribe.Click Attach File.Choose to attach a Formatted Report ( . XLSX ) or a Details Only ( . … If attaching a details only ( . CSV ) file, optionally choose an encoding.Click Save. … Click Save.

How do I view scheduled reports in Salesforce?

To see the schedule for a report on the Reports tab, hover over in the schedule. column. … To see a report’s run schedule on the Schedule Report page: … To see all scheduled reports for your organization, from Setup, enter Scheduled Jobs in the Quick Find box, then select Scheduled Jobs.

What is a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

Definition of Dynamic Dashboards A Dynamic Dashboard enables multiple users to access a dashboard that was previously accessed only by a single static user. This means that the dynamic dashboard can be used by a specific user alongside a logged-in user, and display data specific to both users accordingly.

How many reports can be scheduled in Salesforce?

200Scheduling Report Runs Your organization is limited to no more than 200 scheduled reports.

How do I subscribe to a Salesforce dashboard?

To set up dashboard subscriptions, do either of the following on the Dashboards page:Open the dashboard, and then click Subscribe.Find the dashboard you want to subscribe to and select the Subscribe row level action. (

Can you subscribe to joined reports in Salesforce?

Allow Joined reports to have Subscription functionality available. Any user who can run and view a report should have the subscription function available to have the report delivered on a scheduled basis like a tabular report.

How do I subscribe to a Salesforce report?

From the Reports tab or from the report run page, click. … From the Edit Subscription menu, set the subscription schedule. … Optionally, add conditions. … Under Send To , you are automatically selected as a recipient. … Select from the available entity types and start typing to see all the matching names.More items…

Can we schedule dashboard in Salesforce?

Unlimited and Performance Edition users can schedule up to two dashboard refreshes an hour per day. Enterprise Edition users can schedule up to one dashboard refresh an hour per day. Additional scheduled dashboards may be available for purchase. Contact your Salesforce representative for information.

How do I Unschedule a dashboard in Salesforce?

Select a scheduled report and unschedule it to delete its scheduled run….On the Reports tab, click the name of the scheduled report.Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu.Click Unschedule Report. The run schedule for the report is canceled and not sent to the Recycle Bin.