Quick Answer: Can A Commerce Student Become Software Developer?

How can I become a software developer after 12th commerce?

Sorry 12th Commerce is not the qualification for Software Engineering course.

But if you have studied Maths in 12th Commerce then you can opt for BCA or B.Sc.

IT and after that you have to do MCA or M.Sc IT.

MCA or M.Sc..

Can a commerce student become a web developer?

Is it easy? Then no. Most people think web development just means, learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a backend language like PHP for example. … Sure there is nothing which can stop a commerce student from becoming a Web Developer.

Can commerce student become doctor?

No, candidates with commerce stream cannot desire for becoming doctor in future. The minimum required qualification to pursue medical course or to become doctor is that one must have passed his/her 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Which course is best for software job?

Which software Course is the Best to Get a High Paying Job Quickly?No. 1 – AWS Course.No. 2 – Core JAVA And J2EE Course.No. 3 – Selenium Course.No. 4 – Python Course.No. 5 – Hadoop Course. … No. 6 – Android Course.No. 7 – Digital Marketing Course.No. 8 – Oracle Course.More items…

How do I start coding?

How To Start CodingCome up with a simple project.Get the software you’ll need.Join communities about how to start coding.Read a few books.How to start coding with YouTube.Listen to a podcast.Run through a tutorial.Try some games on how to start coding.More items…•

Which stream is best for web designing?

Web Designing Courses:Name of CourseType of CourseDurationAdvanced Diploma in Multimedia & Web DesigningDiploma1 yearCertificate course in Application Software & Web DesigningCertification18 months to 2 yearAdvanced Diploma in Internet & Web DesigningDiploma1 yearM.Sc in E-commerce & Web DesignDegree2 years11 more rows•May 7, 2020

Which course is best after 12th commerce?

B) Professional Courses After 12th CommerceBachelor of Business Administration. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is known to be a stepping stone for an MBA. … Bachelor of Business Studies. … Bachelor of Computer Application. … Chartered Accountancy. … Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Can I do MBBS after BCOM?

dear friend, sorry to say dear it is not possible to do MBBS after commerce . for MBBS course you must have 10+2 with science and the subject combination is physics , chemist and bio. in commerce department you have not these subject combination so you are not eligible for MBBS course.

Can I become software engineer by taking commerce?

Yes,It is possible if you have 12th standard commerce with maths. Then after 12th class maths you can take the admission in the BCA(Bachelor in commerce Application). After graduation in the BCA you can get the admission in the MCA(Master of computer Application) which is the course software engineering.

Which is the highest paid jobs in commerce?

Top Highest Paying Jobs for Commerce Students in IndiaChartered Accountant. … Investment Banker. … Chartered Financial Analyst. … Certified Public Accountant. … Actuary. … Cost Accountant. … Professional Accountants. … Retail Manager.More items…•

What skills should a commerce student have?

Essential job skills for commerce graduatesNumeracy skills. In order to have a bright career in a commerce-related field, you must have excellent numeracy skills. … Communication skills. … Problem-solving ability. … Leadership skills.

Can we do science after Commerce?

Many institutions & universities, have allowed students of the commerce stream specifically, &, at many times, students from any stream to take admission to Bachelor of Science(BSc.) … programme through appearing in entrance examinations such as the LEET after a BSc.