Question: What Is Rework Control?

What is another word for rework?

What is another word for rework?editredraftrevampreviseadaptamendemendredrawrephrasereshape88 more rows.

How can we reduce the cost of rework in software development?

The following are proven approaches to reducing rework:Integrate test design into the requirements process. … Apply model-based technology to functional specifications and testing. … Invest in test-driven development processes such as agile or incremental development.

What is a revamp?

noun. an act or instance of restructuring, reordering, or revising something; overhaul: a revamp of the nation’s foreign policy.

What is rework in project management?

Rework in construction projects is referred to as the unnecessary effort of redoing a process or activity that was incorrectly implemented in the first instance. … Also, a structured framework for rework management has been proposed so as to enhance the project performance levels.

What’s another word for reimagine?

What is another word for reimagine?rethinkreconsiderreviewreconceiverevisitredefinereanalyzereaddressreevaluatereexamine49 more rows

What is rework process?

Rework is defined as product that has been recovered or rejected from normal production and has been reprocessed, re-blended, or reformatted into the finished product. … Mishandling of rework may result in potential withdrawal/recall of products, could affect loss of customers and consequently loss of profit.

What is scrap and rework?

Scrap and rework is defined as material that is added into production but is not part of a finished product. … This measure sums all costs associated with poor quality or product failure, including rework, scrap, warranty costs and other costs incurred in preventing or resolving quality problems.

How can manufacturing prevent rework?

How to Reduce Rework & ScrapThink Ahead. Being proactive is the best way to problem solve, as it predicts potential issues before they happen. … Make a Plan for Scrap Materials. … Maintain Compliance Standards. … Leveraging Technology. … Increase Quality Output. … Reduce Waste. … Documentation. … Communication throughout Supply Chain.More items…•

How do you control rework?

Here are six things you can do to minimize these categories and increase billable hours.Always work from highest priority to lowest priority jobs. … Schedule work, but schedule it loosely. … Develop and encourage specialization. … Call for help. … Make minimizing rework a high priority. … Documentation is your friend.

What is the difference between rework and repair?

Rework – The act of reprocessing non-complying product, through the use of original or alternate equivalent processing, in a manner that assures compliance of the product with applicable drawings or specifications. Repair – Action on a nonconforming product to make it conform to requirements.

How do you reduce scrap and rework?

Here are nine suggestions:Improve your training. … Choose the right raw materials and engineer them well. … Conduct a cost AND a process analysis. … Use closed-loop vision systems. … Minimize handling of cutting tools. … Stop removing scraps and slugs by hand. … Create and maintain a bill of materials for each product.More items…•