Question: What Is ActionSupport In Struts2?

Which method must be overridden when action class implements SessionAware?

setSession methodSummary.

When your Action class needs to access the HTTP session object implement the SessionAware interface and override the setSession method..

What is the role of action class in struts?

Action Class in Struts framework defines the business logic. An action class handles the client request and prepares the response. It also decides where the response should be forwarded.

What is Struts framework?

Struts is an open source framework that extends the Java Servlet API and employs a Model, View, Controller (MVC) architecture. It enables you to create maintainable, extensible, and flexible web applications based on standard technologies, such as JSP pages, JavaBeans, resource bundles, and XML.

Where should struts XML be placed?

You can place struts. xml file in src(Java Resources) packages. When the compilation process struts. xml file will generate inside the ROOT/WEB-INF/classes directory.

What is model in struts2 framework?

A framework tries to automate the common tasks and provides a platform for the users to build applications quickly. … Struts 2 framework implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. In Struts 2 the model, view and controller are implemented by the action, result and FilterDispatcher respectively.

What is the difference between struts and spring?

Struts were developed earlier than Spring but with enhancements in the Struts framework, both are used nowadays to develop web applications using Java….Difference between Spring and Struts architecture.StrutsSpringIt has loosely coupled modules.It has tightly coupled programming modules.4 more rows•Jul 1, 2020

What is the role of action class?

An Action is an adapter between the contents of an incoming HTTP request and the corresponding business logic that should be executed to process it. Actions are usually thin classes with most of the business logic being performed in a separate JavaBean or EJB. …

Which type of dependency injection is supported by struts2?

Native Dependency InjectionStruts2 provides support for Dependency injection. You may use DI containers like “Spring” in your Struts2 application, or may use Native Dependency Injection available in Struts2 (XWork2) framework. It’s based on Google’s “guice” (both being made by same person).

Which tag is used to create parameterized hyperlink in struts2?

This tag is used to create a URL. You can use the tag inside the body to provide additional request parameters.

What are the benefits of struts framework?

– Struts is open framework for building flexible, business oriented, high performance java web applications. – Using struts framework the developers can implement the MVC pattern without separation of the designated three components. Advantages : – Separation of presentation logic from business logic.

What is return type of execute () method in struts2?

Struts 2 actions don’t force you to implement any interface or extends class, it’s only required you to implement an execute() method that returns a string to indicate which result page should return. In the struts. xml, configure the action class with action tag and class attribute.

What is Struts XML?

The struts. xml file contains the configuration information that you will be modifying as actions are developed. This file can be used to override default settings for an application, for example struts.

What is struts What are the roles of action and ActionSupport classes in struts?

Action classes respond to a user action, execute business logic (or call upon other classes to do that), and then return a result that tells Struts what view to render. Struts 2 Action classes usually extend the ActionSupport class, which is provided by the Struts 2 framework.

What is an action class?

Actions class is an ability provided by Selenium for handling keyboard and mouse events. In Selenium WebDriver, handling these events includes operations such as drag and drop, clicking on multiple elements with the control key, among others. These operations are performed using the advanced user interactions API.

Are struts still used?

After 18 years on the market, the Apache Struts project is still widely used by enterprises globally, with estimates suggesting that in 2017 at least 65 percent of the Fortune 100 companies relied on web applications built with the Apache Struts framework.

What is the latest version of Struts framework?

5, and Struts 2.5. 22. Struts 2.5. 22 is the most current version of the Struts 2 framework and was released on November 29, 2019.

Which design pattern is used in struts2?

What design patterns are used in Struts? Struts is based on model 2 MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Struts controller uses the command design pattern and the action classes use the adapter design pattern. The process() method of the RequestProcessor uses the template method design pattern.

How do you pass data from action class to JSP in struts2?

Pass Data from Struts Action class to Result JSP PagesIf Struts Action class & its result page are using same req. & response object use request attribute other wise you can use session attribute or application attributes. ( … In every Struts Action class the ActionServlet class is cisible with fixed name “servlet”. (It is predefined instance variable of org.