Question: Can We Do Science After Commerce?

Can a commerce student become a lawyer?

You can study english,maths,economics,accounts & business studies in your commerce stream to become a lawyer.As the minimum qualification is 12th pass in any stream.


Common law admission test (CLAT) & NLU delhi admission test..

What is change stream?

Change streams allow applications to access real-time data changes without the complexity and risk of tailing the oplog. Applications can use change streams to subscribe to all data changes on a single collection, a database, or an entire deployment, and immediately react to them.

Can we take science after Commerce?

There are also some professional courses which you can pursue along with graduation, such as Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), CFA, etc. Science students are eligible for all commerce related courses, as some of the courses will require mathematics as eligibility criteria. … do not require mathematics.

Can a commerce student become doctor?

No, candidates with commerce stream cannot desire for becoming doctor in future. The minimum required qualification to pursue medical course or to become doctor is that one must have passed his/her 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Can I do MBBS after BCOM?

Practically it is not possible to become an “MBBS Doctor” after graduation in commerce. If you are asking about the PhD doctorate degree, then yes it ia possible. But graduation in that case is just a small step only. You need to do MCom or MBA or PGDM or other PGs and later apply for PhD entrance in any of the uty.

Is Commerce easy or science?

When it comes to the course structure, Commerce is easier than Science. The science subjects require you to study continuously and extensively. Commerce requires you to be clear with the basics, and you are good to go.

Can we do MBBS after CA?

No, You are Not Eligible for MBBS Examination and English securing a minimum of 60% marks aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. only PCB student are eligible for MMBS entrance exam.

Can I change my stream after 12th?

It is not possible to change the stream after 12th because 12th is the general line which you have to choose and after it according to the stream in 12th you have to choose the graduation course.

Can we change our stream after 11th?

As per CBSE guidelines, students studying in Class IX and XI can change subject or stream, but not after October 31.

Can I change my stream from commerce to science after 12th?

YES, you can absolutely change your group from commerce to science but while studying 11th class. After completion of 11th class in one stream and joining another stream in 12th is not possible.

Can a science student do commerce?

Vocational courses are non-traditional educational streams. However, students from science, arts, and commerce can also join. These courses are directly related to the profession. These courses are job-focused.

Which job is best after 12th?

We bring before you a list of few courses which you may pursue after Class 12, so as to obtain high salaried jobs.Chartered Accountancy: … Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing: … Bachelor of Laws: … BSc in Mechanical or Marine Engineering: … BCS or MS in Computer Science: … Pilot training school: