How Do You Do A Discussion On Blackboard?

How do I edit my discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

On the Discussion Board page, open a forum’s menu and select Edit.

On the Edit Forum page, change the forum’s name, description, availability, or settings.

Select Submit..

How do students see groups in Blackboard?

Students can access groups in two ways:In a new course, select the Groups link on the course menu.In the course menu, go to Tools > Groups.

How do I move content in Blackboard?

In the Content Collection, go to the folder that contains the file or folder you want to move. Select the check box next to the item and select Move. You can also access the Move option in the item’s menu. Enter the path to the destination folder or select Browse to locate and select the destination folder.

How do you post a discussion on blackboard?

Your instructor can delete any discussions, responses, and replies.In your course, select the Discussions icon on the navigation bar.Select the plus sign in the upper-right corner to open the menu. … In the menu, select Add Discussion. … On the New Discussion page, type a meaningful title.More items…

How do I turn on Edit mode in Blackboard?

How do I use it?Start by clicking the Edit Mode OFF button in the upper right corner of the screen.The button will toggle to ON. When the Edit Mode is ON, contextual menus and other editing tools will be available to manage the content.

How do I view content in Blackboard?

Jump to the “Ultra” help about accessing the Content Collection. After you log in to Blackboard Learn, select the Content Collection tab in the page header. Your institution may restrict access to the Content Collection or rename the tab. If you have difficulty finding the Content Collection, contact your institution.

How do you write a discussion?

A good discussion section includes analysis of any unexpected findings….These are the general rules you should adopt when composing your discussion of the results:Do not be verbose or repetitive.Be concise and make your points clearly.Avoid using jargon.Follow a logical stream of thought.More items…•

How do you write a discussion board?

6 Essential Ways to Write a Brilliant Online Discussion Board…Do your homework. Complete the assigned readings for the module and delve directly into the material. … Wake up your classmates with a strong argument or perspective. … Be relevant. … Bring something unique to the post. … Prepare your response in a text editor before you post. … Leave participants wanting more.

Can a student delete a submission on blackboard?

Once a file has been successfully submitted to an assignments, you can’t delete it. However, if you have the ability to make another submission, re-submit the file and make sure to also contact your instructor and let them know that you are re-submitting a file to the assignment.

Can you delete a thread on Blackboard as a student?

Open the forum. Click the top left checkbox to select all the threads. Optional: Uncheck any message to be kept. Click Delete to remove the student posts.

How do you start a discussion?

7 Ways to Start a Conversation that Leads Where You Want It to. … Start with weather (or sports). … Come out with a compliment. … Talk about the venue. … Ask a favor. … Open with a joke. … Start with an innocuous observation. … Ask a question peripherally related to your intended topic.

How do I create a discussion group on blackboard?

Enable group discussions When you create a course group, enable the discussion board tool to help groups collaborate and communicate. On the Create Group page, select the check box for Discussion Board in the Tool Availability section. You can allow members to create forums. Select Submit.

How do you respond to a discussion post?

Validate the post by sharing your experience and stating how it relates to the course material or to the initial post. Agree or disagree with the post and explain why you agree or disagree. Expand on your classmate’s post to demonstrate that you understand the topic.

How do I make blackboard visible to students?

Instructions for USC Teaching AssistantsUnder My Courses on the Home tab, click the name of the “NOT AVAILABLE” course that you want your students to be able to access.Under Course Management, click Customization.Click Properties.Click Yes next to Make Course Available.Click Submit.